Bacon Sausage Cheeseburgers

Slow grilled sausage sandwiches topped with bacon, cheese and your favorite condiments is real easy to do with these simple tips. Bring your side cutters..!

For Bacon Sausage Cheeseburgers recipe you need the following ingredients

About a 5 ft rope of sausage, we used an Italian style sausage, use your favorite sausage. Pork Belly Bacon Bamboo Skewers Pepper Jack Cheese SPG Seasoning Burger Buns


BBQ Sauce Mustard Pickle gherkins Mushrooms Onion Pickled Jalapeno Ketchup


Roll up the sausage until it reaches the desired diameter and stick the bamboo skewer through the center to keep it together. Trim off the excess skewers stick out of the sausage. Add your favorite seasoning Take the rolled up sausage and wrap it with two slices of bacon in a cross pattern. Tuck the extra bacon under the sausage. Place the skewered bacon wrapped sausages opposite the hot coals to bake, about halfway through, rotate those closest to the coals to the back, there's no need to flip them over. The bacon will tighten up around the sausage, when the bacon is done, the sausage will be too. If you're a member of the food police, be dead sure you cook to an internal temperature of least 150°F(65.5°C), and wash your hands 5 to 7 times before and after touching anything. Use rubber gloves for additional protection if you start to feel anxious. Toast up the buns and pile on your condiments. Eat and enjoy..