Beer Bottle Bacon Breakfast BurgerBeer Bottle Bacon Breakfast BurgerBeer Bottle Bacon Breakfast Burger

Beer Bottle Bacon Breakfast Burger

Based on our Beer Can Bacon Burger, the most famous Burger in the World, this easy to do breakfast burger recipe will cure whatever ails ya in the morning. You have to check this BBQ Pit Boys recipe out.

For this Beer Bottle Bacon Breakfast Burger recipe, you're gonna need the following ingredients:

Ground Beef Cheese SPG Seasoning ( You can use salt and pepper if you don't have SPG ) Beef Hash Regular Cut Bacon (Pork Belly Bacon) Ham Eggs Beer
First season the meat with SPG, at least use salt and pepper or your favorite burger seasoning. Give it a good mix. Next, form some ground beef to about a burger size meatball and form it into a cup around the base of a beer bottle. Keep it fairly thin, this will cook pretty fast on the grill. Take a couple of strips of regular cut bacon, wrap it right around the burger. It'll stick like glue. Usually we use about two pieces of pork belly bacon. Then gently twist the bottle out, you may want to use gloves or a paper towel to get the bottle out easily. Using the beef cup, fill up some nice fresh ham and some corned beef hash in, and then drop an egg into it. You can stuff it with what you like. Put them on the grill at a medium heat about 275°F <135°C>. You don't want to cook em' too fast, we want the bacon to tighten up and slowly constrict around the beef. So keep it about a medium heat 275°F <135°C>. When the bacon is pretty much cooked, put on some cheese on the top. We used some small chunks of cheddar cheese and some grated Romano and Parmigiana. Wait for it to melt, the beer bottled bacon breakfast burgers are done. Eat and enjoy!