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Bison Bacon Butter Bourbon Beer BurgersBison Bacon Butter Bourbon Beer Burgers

Bison Bacon Butter Bourbon Beer Burgers

The BBQ Pit Boys simmer up some Butter Bourbon and Beer Dipping Sauce for these bad boy Bison Burgers. Looking for a great burger for your pit? Then ya have to check this recipe out. And it’s a real easy to do. Can’t get Bison ? Then use some ground beef.

For these Bison Bacon Butter Bourbon Beer Burgers you need the following ingredients:

Burger Mix
Ingredients Burger Mix 6 lbs Bison 90 /10 1/3 lb smoked bacon 3 Tbsp SPG.
Dipping Sauce
Bourbon 1/2 lb Butter 1 330 cc bottle beer 1/3 cup brown sugar, Add a little seasoning.


Bison is lean meat, and the ground bison is only around 10% fat so to the burger we add bacon to introduce some extra fat and flavor.

The sauce

Into a saucepan:
1. Add some bourbon, use a few shots, 2. Add about 1/2 lb of butter 3. Add 1 bottle of beer, use lager. 4. Add about 1/3 cup of brown sugar, 5.;Place over direct heat to reduce it down to thicken. 6. Set aside to keep warm as you cook the burgers

The Burger

1. Add 3 Tbsp of SPG seasoning to the Bison 2. Add about 1/3 lb of bacon for the additional fat,mix well and form the burger patties 4. Place the burger opposite the hot coals and flip about half way done. Aim for about 160 f < 72 c> 5. Add some fresh peppers, like the banana chili, cook them whole and lightly char 6. Just prior to being done add the cheese of your choice on top to melt 7. Take the burger and dip it both sides into the sauce ( let the sauce cool down some first) and place the dipped burgers directly onto the toasted buns.