Meat Dough Pizza

This meat dough base Keto friendly pizza is a real classic, no more pesky flour and dough, just pure ground beef base and a bunch of great pizza toppings, a real crowd pleaser.

Meat Dough Pizza Recipe

Feta Cheese Bell pepper Tomato Onion Olive Oil Red Pepper flakes Black pepper Tomato paste PepperJack Cheese SPG Habanero Chipotle Sauce Olives Polish salami Prosciutto ham Mozzarella cheese Ground beef


Treat this as a regular pizza, the only difference is the base is all meat, not dough, so its KETO friendly. You will need a flat bottom pan, give it a liberal coating of olive oil and place the ground beef onto the center and spread it out evenly. Be sure to roll it to an even thickness and don't go too thick, about 1/4 inch should do it. Place the pan onto the grill and allow just enough time for the olive oil to heat up so the beef slides freely off the pan. You're going to cook this underside first, which when flipped will become the upper side to which you will add the regular pizza ingredients. Once the ingredients are all on, cover with a lid and allow the topping to cook.