Orange Chili ChickenOrange Chili ChickenOrange Chili Chicken

Orange Chili Chicken

It's Chicken, sweet Chili Chicken, grilled spatchcock style on the BBQ Pit Boys grill. And it's real easy to do.

For this Orange Chili Chicken recipe, you're going to need the following ingredients:

2 Rock Cornish game hens 4 Oranges SPG Seasoning ( You can use salt and pepper if you don't have SPG ) 8-10 oz Sweet Chili Sauce Orange Juice
Season well with SPG or salt, pepper and garlic. Add the chickens to the marinating bag. Cut the oranges up and squeeze into the bag with the chickens. Add the sweet chili sauce and top up with the orange juice marinade for 4-6 hours in the refrigerator, you can go longer, overnight if you like. There are several variations of Thai sweet chili sauce, we used a garlic infused one, you can choose whatever sweet chili sauce you like. Once marinating is complete, cut the back bone out of the chickens. (Spatchcock, the term "spatchcock" is used when the backbone is removed, whether or not the sternum is removed. Removing the sternum allows the bird to be flattened more fully.) With the backbone removed, spread the chicken out flat and place on the grill and cook on a low heat, turning often. We used direct heat. Because our Santa Corona grill can be raised and lowered to regulate the heat, if you're using a regular kettle grill, start with indirect heat and finish off by searing over direct heat. It's gonna take about 50 minutes to cook,or if you're using a thermometer the internal temperature in the breast should reach 165°F <75°C>.
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