Smoke and Sear Beef Roast

Smoke and Sear Beef Roast

The BBQ Pit Boys smoke a Beef Loin Sirloin Strip and then sear it over the open flame...Smoke tender, and juicy every time with this simple method. More information about our professional grade smokers and grills can be found on our website here. We appreciate your support.

For this recipe you're gonna need the following in ingredients:

2lb Ground Beef 2lbs sirloin steak 1 lb of Bacon Steaks Ground cumin Cayenne pepper SPG seasoning or salt and pepper Smoked paprika Chili powder Minced garlic Bell Peppers Diced canned tomatoes, Whole tomatoes Cheese cooked Black beans Worcestershire sauce,


Sear the steaks on both sides briefly we don't want to cook them all the way through we just want to get that sear smoky flavor. Dice up up a large onion and chop the bell peppers Cut the steak up into about 1 inch pieces Chop up the pound of bacon and fry it in a pan, adding the onions minced garlic and sirloin ground beef as the bacon renders down, finally, add the chopped bell peppers, and add a half a can of beer Take that chopped up steak and add it to the dish then throw in the whole tomatoes Remove and fat as it rises to the top and add the diced tomatoes, if you need to remove any extra liquid from the tomatoes do so before adding the cumin and cayenne pepper, SPG (or Salt pepper). Add the chili powder and Smoked Paprika, (choose now to make it hot as you want it) Add 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and chuck in the black beans Simmer for two or three hours more or less *Use a little cornmeal or Masa if you feel it needs thickening it up

Serving suggestion:

Serve and set it up the way you want, we used some cheese,some sour cream and some spring green onions and jalapenos