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Smoked Whiskey Cheeseburgers

Turn down the heat and go low and slow the next time you grill up some Burgers at your Pit. Check out this BBQ Pit Boys whiskey-plugged mega meat monster recipe that’ll satisfy any hunger… guaranteed!

For this Smoked Whiskey Cheeseburgers you need the following ingredients

For this recipe you're going to need: 2-3 lbs ( 900-1.3 kg ) of ground chuck with an 80/20 fat ratio, try to use chuck beef whenever you can for best taste and flavor. Habanero Chipotle hot sauce use your favorite. Whiskey or Bourbon. Brown sugar 6 inch cake rings Bell Pepper Onion, Garlic Portobello mushroom Cheese Bacon Very large Burger buns or a small round loaf of bread might be better. SPG


1.Pack the ground beef fairly firmly in the cake rings 2.Using a wooden/bamboo skewer, poke holes in the surface but don't go all the way to the bottom, about 3/4 of the way down so the whiskey doesn't leak out. 3. Sprinkle the brown sugar evenly over the top of the burger, 4. Add a layer of hot sauce, we used our Habanero Chipotle hot sauce. Let the burgers sit for about a half hour to allow all the flavors get in. Cut up a bell pepper and rub some olive oil on it and pan fry them up, you can also roast them over a hot flame just enough to char them up. Set aside once done. Take the portobello mushrooms and scrape down the gills to form as place to add the garlic and onions into Season with SPG, or salt and pepper. add some olive oil into the mushroom , just drizzle it on, you only need enough to get the onions and garlic to cook in and merge the with their flavors with the mushroom.
You want the grill temperature to be around 275°F ( 190°C ) Add the sliced bacon to the grill. Place the burgers onto the grill and carefully remove the cake rings. It's going to take about an hour and half to cook. Add the mushrooms at about half an hour into the cook, they won't take long to cook. The burgers will be cooked once the internal temperature reaches 165°F (74°C) Toast up some good quality bread buns, you can set them up anyway you like, we used: Swiss cheese, added the bell peppers, mushrooms, bacon and a little Mayonnaise onto the toasted bun with a slice or two of tomato. Lord have mercy.