Chicken Paw Legs

Chicken Paw Legs

Take those plain ol" Chicken legs and make 'em Paws. They grill quick and easy, and come out moist and tender. You have to check this BBQ Pit Boys recipe out. More information about our professional grade smokers and grills can be found here. We appreciate your support.

For this Chicken Paw Legs recipe you will need the following ingredients:

Chicken Legs Teriyaki Sauce Honey Soy sauce Barbecue Sauce Thai Fish Sauce Sesame Seeds Sriracha hot sauce Lemons Fresh Ginger Sea Salt Red Chili Flakes Ground White Pepper Whole black peppercorns Smoked Paprika


Take the chicken legs and identify the position of the knuckle as shown in the video when cutting. Pull back the skin and pierce the meat following the the line of the bone, making one slice each side, splitting the bulk of the meat up to reduce cooking time.

Basting sauces and Condiments

Chicken Dust 1.Combine the Sea salt, red Chili flakes, ground white Pepper, whole black Peppercorns and smoked Paprika into a mortar and pestle and ground together. Use this as a seasoning/condiment applied after the chicken has been grilled. 2.Combine the Soy sauce Thai Fish Sauce, use the this fish sauce sparingly, it has a great flavor but not in excess. baste the chicken paws frequently and turn often as cooking. this Chicken paws will cook fast, so stay with them for the whole cook. Serve as per the video with an assortment of condiments.