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Rib Steak and Salsa Beans

Rib Steak and Salsa Beans

The BBQ Pit Boys grill up some Ribeye steaks, make a Lime and Garlic Butter steak sauce, and prepare a side of their Salsa Beans.

Rib Steak and Salsa Beans

For this recipe you're gonna need the following ingredients:

Ground Cumin Chipotle powder Smoked Paprika SPG, ( salt pepper garlic ) Garlic 3-4 Limes Butter

The Rub

Use equal portions of the ground cumin, chipotle powder, smoked paprika, and SPG , ( salt pepper garlic ) and apply the rub to the rib eye steaks to both sides

The Sauce

Use the zest from the limes into a bowl, add the juice of the limes, dice up the garlic and add the butter into a pan and warm it up to melt down the butter Add two cans of baked beans Add one can of black beans Use about half a jar of chunky salsa and add a tablespoon of hot sauce , we used our Habanero hot sauce, just heat it up and it's ready. Add the rib eye steaks to the grill, we used a medium direct heat on our Santa Corona grill so we control of the heat by raising and lowering the grate as needed and we cooked them medium rare 130 F ( 57 C) internal . let the steaks rest for a few minutes and serve with the salsa beans mix Eat and enjoy.