Santa Maria grill bbq pit boys

Cheese & Bacon Meatball Subs

The BBQ Pit Boys show you how easy it is to make up some of their Cheesy Pan Wings and serve them right out of the pan. Your family and friends will luv them so be sure to make a bunch.
yoda smoker

For these Cheese & Bacon Meatball Subs you need the following ingredients

Ground Beef
Ground Pork
SPG Seasoning, [ use your favorite seasoning ]
Diced tomatoes
Tomato sauce
Tomato puree
Fresh Onion
Onion Powder
Onion Flakes
Cheddar Cheese
Garlic Powder
Salt and pepper
1 egg
Meat sauce ( we used a mix of smoked turkey and chicken whipped up in a blender )


Partially grill the bacon.
Combine the ground pork and beef and the SPG seasoning, grated cheese and diced onion and form meatballs. Grill them over direct heat to sear the outside before placing them into the sauce mix


Add the all tomato ingredients, SPG, BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, meat sauce, diced onion and onion flakes.


Use a good bread roll and place the meatballs and sauce onto top the roll then top with cheese and bacon and place back on the grill to melt the cheese. Serve hot.