Garlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted PotatoesGarlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted PotatoesGarlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted Potatoes

Garlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted Potatoes

Try this BBQ Pit Boys Garlic Buttered Sirloin Tip. Beef Roast served with our grill roasted potatoes. This meal is not only outrageously good eating but it's real easy to do.

pizza oven wood firedFor Garlic Butter Beef with Slit Roasted Potatoes recipe, you're going to need the following ingredients:

Beef Top Round Roast Onion Potatoes Garlic Garlic powder Butter Seasoning like SPG ( You can use salt and pepper if you don't have SPG )
Take a thin blade knife and make thin slices into the potatoes, only cut about half way through. Take about 4 tablespoons butter and the garlic powder and make a paste. Cover the potatoes in the garlic butter paste and place the potatoes over indirect heat. Plug the beef with the garlic and spread some garlic butter all over the beef . add the SPG seasoning. Season well and place the roast on DIRECT heat to sear in the seasoning flavor, make sure you sear on all sides. Once seared move it to indirect heat, it's going to take about 1 hour, so about 1/2 hour into the cook flip the roast around to be sure you get an even cook. We cooked this at around 400°F <205°C> Add more garlic butter to the potatoes. Remember, it's all about the internal temp, so take the roast off the grill at about 115°F <46°C>, wrap it up and let it rest for about half an hour, where it will continue to cook and will reach about 125-130°F <51-54°C> in the wrapper.
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